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Whimsy Joy feels that “little ones & bigger ones respond better and remember more when color is At us

Banana Fish Clown -"The Talk of the Town"

Whatever "Name" you like; One "Thing" is for "Sure".

I have lots of "Hearts"; but I could Always use "More…"


Alligator" or "Alligator Porpoise" - Which "Name" do you "Like"?

Whimsy JoyArt comes in many forms: You can buy the Whimsy in traditional 8X10 glossy prints, as well as canvas prints in all sizes—BOXES of assorted notecards with envelopes—STICERS—T-SHIRTS—DECALS—MOUSEPADS—PILLOWCASES—WHIMSY JOY CALENDERAS and CUSTOM DESIGNS by Roz when you make a personal request.



Please click on one of the pictures and it will link you to a single page with a larger picture and full explatation pertaining to the art. It will also tell you what standard items youj can purchase with this “joy bringing art”. 



“I have a lot of Colors; And you might find that Strange…

Cat of Many Colors

Mental Health is “Congruency; Allowing Each of us to Choose to “Float Along”.

Lila’s Blue Porpoise  -- “Floating Along”

"One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six";

"Look at Us"." We are Quite a Good Fit."

Six Whimsy Fish in a Circle

"Hi Everybody!" - I am a Fun Clown with Candy!

"I'm Full of Love and Sweets to Eat" ...

Candy Clown

"We are Fancy Whimsy Fish"." We Have Colors of the Rainbow"...

We Follow the Bubbles

The Heart Uses “Whimsy” to Celebrate "Life and Love."…  

Bella’s “Catch a Falling Heart”

“I am an abstract, can’t You See? With lots of color Making Me.”…

Eyes & Color

“We are Four Porpoises going Round and Round.

We Touch and Connect with a Happy Sound.”…

Circle of Love

“We are all Creatures of the Sea.

We Swim along for Happy are We.”…

Floating Towards the Sun

“When We are close and Filled with Love,

Hearts are Happy like the Sun above.”…

Connecting Hearts

“Each of Us is a Burst of Color.

And We all Touch the Red Heart in the Center.”…

Four Fish

"We Are Frogs; Can't You See?"

"Can You Jump Like Him and Me?"…

Family of Frogs --Healing Families In Color

“You may think I am Silly; They should name me Billy…


Grog The Frog

"I am Swimming in the Lake."

"The Bright Red Sun Has Set."…

Fish in the Sunset

"I am so Happy; Can't you See the Hearts on my Fins?"
"I Can Blow Bubbles Up and Down"…

Hearts Propel Me

"I am A Clown and I like You!”

“You Have Balloons I Have Given to You."…

Clown With Balloons

“We are Whimsy Fishes, that Live in the Sea.

The Heart in the Middle gives Love to me.”…

Love Passes Thru

“I look Pretty in a Lime Green Frame.

I have all Colors of Swirls and Twirls…

Purple Swirls

“I have lots of Kites.

They are filled with Stars and Hearts”…

Mogen David – Flying Kites

”I am a big Girl now. I like Shapes, Colors and Fun.”…


Suzie’s Look At Me

"I am a Very Pretty Cat. Can You See?"…


Mr. Huggles

Whimsy Joy feels the Sea, with its’ beauty, calms & smoothes the Spirit…

Mermaid -- “Princess of the Sea”

“My Colors are Warm at Sunrise and Dawn.

My Ornaments get Compliments.”…

Orange Fish

“Here we go, come See our Town.

We can Skip slowly and We can be Fast.”…

Mogen David – Skipping Along

“My Name is ‘Sassy’ and I am cute.”…


Porpoise in Love

"I am a Very Special Whimsy Fish."

Because I have a "Big Yellow Tail…"

Yellow Tail & Curly Ques

“I’m a Whimsy Fish. I’m So Pretty and Gentle. I Listen and I Smile.

Miss Pretty -- She Helps People Feel 

“We Look at Each other

and We See Pretty Colors on You and Me.”… 

Parrot Love

Art exists deep under the Water in the pretty blue Sea….

Blowing Bubbles with the Flowers

“My Job is to Look out at the Sea

and make Sure everything stays as it is supposed to be.”… 

Porpoise with a Purpose

“Rainbows are Pretty. They make me smile.

Have You ever Seen Flowers that Smile awhile?”...

Smiley Flowers

Whimsy Joy dedicates to her Mother, who LOVED purple!...


“Purple Angel Fish” --- “Who Heals the Spirit”

"The Wind Blows me to the Left and Then to the Right".

"I've Got Lots of  Colors that Make Me Look So Pretty…"

Flower In Motion

"Look at Me, Look at Me."
"I am Gorgeous; Can't You See?"…

“I Am Gorgeous! Can't You See?"

“This Truck is Special to the Fishes of the Sea.

It carries them Back and Forth to Me.”…

Whimsy Joy Truck

“One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish, Blowing Bubbles one Way”…

Three Fishes

“Whimsy Joy entered Me in an Art Contest and I Won a Ribbon.”


Waiting For My Treat

“My Legs help Me Go Where I want to Go.

My Nose comes out to Breathe Fresh Air

I am Happy, are You There?”

Turtle Swim

“Whimsy Joy has found… “There is an artist in each of us”…;

Jonah’s Turtle -- “Slower But Surer”

Whimsy Joy says: “To Look carefully; for Some of Us are hard to See.”…

We Live With the Fishes of the Sea

“Billy is my Friend.

I hope You have one too!”...

Purple Grog Frog

Whimsy Joy uses color to bring peace and healing in personal growth!...

Cady’s “Whimsy Love”

“A few Years back, We went to a Fair…


Bursting with Love

“I am the Sun, High in the Sky. I move along really High”…

Fish & Sun

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